2013 July 30 - Preview PDF available for download.

2013 May 06 - Mailing List created to announce status updates. Click on the link to subscribe.

2012 Nov 18 - Like all side projects, we are way behind schedule. We have started collecting quotes from book printers to put something toghether. Will have a mailing list setup in early December to keep people up to date with the progress and status.

2012 Aug 12 - Thanks to everyone who showed up, took a card, chatted, or even got their picture taken at our photobooth! We're hard at work getting things sorted (and sober) to move on to the next stage. Update in a couple weeks.

2012 Jul 31 - Panzer and Celandine are hosting the Defcon 20th Anniversary Photobooth. Have your photos taken and tell your favorite story or leave a mark. Both will be included in a special edition coffee table book.